Short Lets Management translate


Touristic short let activity is an investment that allows the owner to make income his property, with a gain more competitive than the other forms of economic increase in the real estate. The short lease is advantageous because it’s based on a temporary contract, without the problems that occur in the long-lasting ones.

Sweet Home Rental provides with two different services, one complete and the other partial.


In the full management, Sweet Home Rental assumes the responsibility for the coordination and the check of all the practices necessary for this activity, monitoring the whole steps of this complex operation, so that the owner can offer a full and precise service, relying on a team of professionals.


After a personalized home-staging in the property, aimed at making it better, a photographer proceeds with the realization of a high-quality photo shoot, that is published on the most important and famous websites for tourist booking. The property is also promoted with other marketing strategies, both online and offline.


In the short let activity, Sweet Home Rental supervises all phases of the hospitality, from check-in to check-out, satisfying every tourist need and request. The goal is to guarantee a holiday that meets the costumer’s expectations, making available the best tourist facilities of the region and ensuring complete tourist assistance. Thanks to linguistic and territorial skills, guests can enjoy a guide who helps them learn about the area in depth.


Sweet Home Rental’s assistance continues in the administrative area, with the registration of guests’ documents and with the procedure for tourist tax. From a fiscal point of view, Sweet Home Rental is a substitute for taxes for the owner and periodically he receives a clear and detailed report, showing the economic development of the property.


The partial service consists of a collaboration, in which Sweet Home Rental manages the administrative and tax obligations, whereas the owner deals with the practical activities, such as guests’ incoming and their care.